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This is known as SIM-locking and is used by mobile providers to protect handset subsidies. Therefore, mobile companies offer short-cut keys to be used for accessing mailboxes eg by pressing one key on the mobile phone or by dialling a short code.The full mobile number of your mailbox is dialled when you use the short-cut keys. 2.7 When dialling any number from a mobile phone you should always dial the full national number eg if dialling landline numbers you should always dial the code followed by the local number.Personal Numbering enables you to be called using a single telephone number (your `070' Personal Number) and to receive those calls at virtually any telephone number.For example, you may choose to have calls to your Personal Number sent to your home phone between the hours of 8-9am, to your office phone between the hours of 9am-5pm, and to your mobile in the evenings.2.22 Apart from Freephone numbers, you may also see other contact numbers for companies and organisations - Local and National Rate numbers, and `Up to 5p' and `Up to 10p' numbers. 2.23 Local Rate numbers begin with the digits `0845' followed by a further 7 digits.

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Special Service numbers, along with Premium Rate Service numbers (numbers beginning with the digits `09' - discussed below) are known as Non-Geographic numbers ie the cost of the call is not related to the Geographic location, and callers are charged at the same rate whatever their location within the UK. 2.17 Special Service numbers are typically used by businesses and organisations as contact numbers or for advertising, but are also used for other services. 2.18 The most common Special Service numbers are shown in the table below, along with the starting digits and the typical cost to the caller: i) UK2Numbers Freephone Numbers 1.When calling a mobile number from a landline phone you should always dial the whole number eg 077 XXXXXXXX. 2.8 The cost of calls from mobile phones is often more expensive than calls from landline phones (eg your home phone), and call charges vary from one mobile company to another, and all offer many different call packages. 2.9 If you are on a mobile tariff that is distance related (for geographic calls) ie.calls to the code area you are calling from are different to calling other code areas, and you are making a call from your mobile, the nearest mobile station will identify your location, and you will be charged accordingly for the call. 2.10 Pagers or "bleepers" are different to mobile and landline phones in that they can only be used to receive text messages or alerts.2.15 The cost of calling Personal Numbers can vary considerably, and the cost is dependent on the type and complexity of the service chosen - calls routed to a mobile number, for example, are likely to be greater in cost than calls routed to a landline number.In some cases, calls to Personal Numbers may be free to the caller eg where you decide to use such a number to advertise your business, you could pay a high premium to a Personal Number provider to cover the cost of calls to your number.

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