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In an attempt to modify this panorama, the 1988 Federal Constitution, in the sole paragraph of article 59, foresaw the need to issue standards for the preparation, drafting, amendment, and consolidation of laws. Histórias que o rádio não contou: do galena ao digital, desvendando a radiodifusão no Brasil e no mundo.

To fulfill this constitutional provision, the National Congress passed Supplementary Law no. ISBN 85-7131-070-X 4.3.11 Radio Broadcasting Decree n. October, 1963, which approved radio broadcasting services, is the fundamental text on the matter, together with Decree n. In Ministry of Communications’ homepage you can have access to legislation on this issue.

It is not a surprise that many such laws are forgotten or simply ignored.

The proliferation of normative acts, of higher or lower hierarchy, eventually causes a total chaos, for this big mass of juridical documents hampers the work of lawyers, researchers, and of the very citizens, who are ruled by Brazilian laws.

Schooner Tour to Fome and Jabaquara Beach Tour Description: We will embark on the Pier at the Historic Downtown (Vila) of Ilhabela, in a safe and comfortable schooner, bound for Fome Beach, located on the North side of the Island.

A beach with crystalline water and about 150 meters long, where you can only get by boat.

The length of the tour and the stop times are approximate.

The Legislative Consolidation Program, headed by the Executive Branch, aims at the consolidation of rules which have an identical, analogous, or related object, so as to eliminate possible divergences, conflicts, or repetitions, and, therefore, convey unity, simplicity, and coherence to the body of Brazilian federal legislation. 3,723, of January 10, 2001, establishing, among other provisions, the rules for the consolidation activities. We recommend that you bring bathing suit, towels, insect repellent, sunscreen and a plastic bag for mobile phones and cameras. The cell phone signal on the beach is bad or there may be no signal.The restaurant’s card machines may not work, it is necessary to bring cash.The excessive number of laws is not the only big problem in the corpus of Brazilian laws. The implicit revocation of rules, which uses only the expression All provisions to the contrary are hereby revoked (Revogam-se as disposições em contrário), puzzles anybody who tries to identify which rules are in force.

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