John achille dating

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On this day in 1965, 32-year-old lawyer Ralph Nader publishes the muckraking book Unsafe at Any Speed: The Designed-In Dangers of the American Automobile. It also prompted the passage of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966, seat-belt laws in...

On this day in 1864, the once proud Confederate Army of Tennessee suffers a devastating defeatafterits commander, General John Bell Hood, orders a frontal assault on strong Union positions around Franklin, Tennessee.

Achilles spent his final years guiding Ratonhnhaké:ton, and this tutelage led to his apprentice's important role in the American Revolution and the extermination of the colonial Templars.

Born around 1710 in the Caribbean, Achilles was recruited into the Brotherhood in the mid-1730s and trained as the last student of Ah Tabai, Mentor of the West Indies Brotherhood.

On November 30, 1931, legendary football coach Bill Walsh is born in Los Angeles, California.

On this day in 1776, Admiral Richard Howe and General William Howe, “the King’s Commissioners for restoring Peace,” issue a proclamation from New York City, promising pardon to those who will within 60 days subscribe to a declaration that they will desist from “Treasonable Actings and Doings.” The Howes’ offer appealed...

After a large-scale attack on the Assassins by the Colonial Rite of the Templar Order in 1763, spanning the Thirteen Colonies, the Brotherhood collapsed and disbanded.

Living in exile in his manor, Achilles abandoned the Assassin ideology until his meeting with the young Ratonhnhaké:ton, whom he started to train on the boy's behest.

1710 – 1781) was the Mentor of the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins from 1746 until 1763.

A man of Caribbean and British descent, Achilles' tenure as leader of the Colonial Assassins saw the Brotherhood strengthen greatly.

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