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Frequently overlaps with Men Are the Expendable Gender and Black Dude Dies First.

Compare to The Worf Effect (a strong character is defeated to show the enemy's strength), Sacrificial Lion (a strong and important character is killed to show the enemy's strength or seriousness), The World's Expert on Getting Killed, Retirony, Mauve Shirt, Sacrificial Lamb, Disposable Sex Worker, Anyone Can Die, Little Dead Riding Hood, C-List Fodder, A Million Is a Statistic, and Monster Munch. For the novel , which deconstructs this trope, go to Literature.

If you shot anyone else afterward, the headline would just read "Bank Customers Killed".

Please note: this Trope is actually It has been suggested that it would be more appropriate to compare Kirk's casualty rate to units on exploratory, rather than combat, missions.

In a series where The Main Characters Do Everything, if you suddenly see someone else who you've never seen before involved in the main story, they are probably a Redshirt.

They are used to show how the monster works, and demonstrate that it is indeed a deadly menace, without having to lose anyone .

He will often address those under his command as "maggots" or "ladies", or any other insults he can think of to motivate the people under him. In Britain, the popular image is of the Sergeant Major, who is usually much less abusive, but no less demanding, and may or may not be marching up and down the square.

If a British work has Shown Their Work, this role may well be filled by the Provost Sergeant, who is in charge of base discipline, and who the drill sergeants send recruits to go and see for their punishment.

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Security personnel in general fall victim to the worst shade of this trope, as most of the time their deaths aren't even acknowledged at all; according to Hollywood, you could walk into a bank and shoot a security guard right in the face without anyone making a fuss.

In something of an ironic twist, the popularity of this character has impacted real military training.

Recruits often enter with at least a passing familiarity with the trope, and don't take it (or the instructor) seriously.

Plaza has performed improv and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater since 2004.

She also performed stand-up and has appeared at the Laugh Factory and The Improv.

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