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Winston arrives home and after his hard day, the gang decides to give him the space only to find his car doesn't fit.Schmidt and Nick's anniversary of 10 Years living together is coming up and Schmidt takes charge organizing everything but gives Nick two responsibilities: balloons and porta-potties.The next day he tries to impress her, which she takes advantage of and abandons him on the roof with birdcat.She later apologizes to him and the two fall asleep together holding hands.Schmidt wants the space so badly, he pees himself and Jess walks out after Nick claims their kissing was a mistake.Schmidt returns to the loft and brings up the 'no nail oath': a contract the male roommates signed when Jess moved in.Jess finds out from Nick that he is cheating on her best friend, so she tells Schmidt to come clean or she will tell Cece herself.On the way to the restaurant for a double date, Schmidt instead lies to Cece telling her that Nick is cheating on Jess.

Schmidt and Jess agree to diffuse the tension by kissing, only to makes things more awkward.

Upon he receiving an invitation to Cece's wedding, he rekindles a relationship with Elizabeth, his girlfriend from his 'Fat Schmidt' days. At Cece's wedding, Schmidt runs into the bride-to-be and believes that Cece tells him with her eyes that she doesn't want to marry Shivrang and is asking for his help - really he is just looking for an excuse to 'sabo' the wedding.

He startles the horse the the groom is riding in on so that it runs away with Shivrang still riding it, he plays Cotton-Eyed-Joe and Cece walks down the aisle, and eventually warns Jess that they went too far and that they stole a badger that is now in the air ducts, about to be dropped on the priest.

In Parking Spot, Schmidt finds a parking space labeled '4D' and all roommates fight for it.

Nick, Jess, and Schmidt end up in a standoff for the parking space.

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