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It is a developing perfume that is rare amongst nowadays mainstream and even designer perfumes.It is strange and one must have kind of courage to wear it, it requires some time to spent with to show all that beauty it has.

YSL Rive Gauche is all about aldehydes, oakmoss and vetiver. Maybe a little over the top, but every time I get a whiff of this scent, I am taken to an indescribable paradise. RG in it's current EDT had wonderful longevity and sillage- no complaints there.

I don't recommend to sample this one on paper, not even on your wrist, because it's not a kind of fragrance you should sniff right from the beginning and not from very close.

But if sprayed behind ears or on neck or chest it will bloom and develop beautifully, and you wil able to detect it's gorgeous, comforting smell all day, or even on the other day.

Its opening is not so appealing but the heart notes are gorgeous metallic and the drydown is beautiful, green, very soapy and well rounded.

Current edt is much sharper not only at the beginning but all the way it settles down, it's much less soapy, less green, and it's more edgy.

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