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It was all part of Steve's plan to keep her on her toes and compete with her mother.

As he pushed his now rock hard erection slow and deep into her cunt Lynn woke and let a satisfied moan escape her lips.

The clock on Lynn's bedside table read just after eight and with Sandra coming at ten Steve decided to get things moving, he had a semi lob on and wanted sex followed by a good breakfast before then.

Steve untangled himself from Jane and spooned up to her mum, he dribbled a mouthful of sylvia onto the palm of his hand and smeared it around his ever swelling bellend and the top two inches of his thickening shaft.

All Janes thoughts of jealousy evaporated as she melted into her boyfriends embrace. "If you want what mummies just had , give my cock a good sucking.

Let mummie see what she's got to do after i've fucked that sweet pussy of yours ".

Jane easily slid her wet pussy down the entire length of his cunt stretching meat and rode her hunk of a boyfriend hard.

Lynn lent in offering her cupped breasts and protruding nipples to her young lover to feast on.

Steve freed his face from Lynn's beautiful smothering flesh and told mother and daughter.

He pulled his stiff, throbbing cock out of her mum and rolled onto his back. "Morning beautiful, if your cunts as wet as your mums, my big cock's gonna be happy ".

Steve kicked the quilt that was still covering their lower legs to the bottom of the bed and pulled Jane into a tender kiss.

Steve woke up and remembering where he was grinned smugly.

Jane was asleep cuddling him, Lynn had her back to him asleep on her side.

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