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'There they are - Reagan and Amy all tangled up on the bed, half naked, eating each others faces out while Karma stood there with her jaw hanging open and her hand death gripping the door knob' Or Karma kinda stumbles on Reagan and Amy making out and Reagan catches her, and she sort of— keeps going. Reagan and Amy are getting closer, but Reagan is starting to gain sympathy and interest in Karma. All i have to do is face my fears and let my insecurities go. Jade, Tori, & the gang are enjoying their new freedom.She proposes that they all grow closer since it's obvious Karma's a large presence in Amy's life. Not all is well though - Jade struggles with a crippling injury and someone else has taken a keen interest in Tori.Everything he was trained for was useless out in this wilderness and all he had to hold onto was this girl. Demiurge's plans for the Holy Kingdom, a new showdown with Jaldabaoth, more sausage from Ainz, and the thing Lupus tells Enri at the end of Volume 11.. This is the first fan fiction I've written, and I would appreciate your comments and feedback. One month ago he accidentally announce it in the QQ making everyone jealous. All credit for the Fan Fic picture belongs to Yumemi91.Catox Katniss Skyrim AUHis eyes left the boy's face and he looked up as he ran up the staircase, towards the dark of East City's night, and his mind began to wander back. How long since Alphonse, flesh and blood, had all but broken down his office door in a panic, asking where his brother was, why he was whole, and what had Edward done? Was actually the Reincarnation of Earth, which was re-created in 1968. The Legendary Steel Beasts that ruled over the land, sea and sky will awaken and they will break the minds of what Real Monsters can be. Natsu has a question for Gray, but Gray just wants to read his book in silence.Natsu was used to fire; to the ignited power of his magic..he never expected that feeling Lucy's skin against his, would burn him alive. As fear and mistrust rise, Naruto tries to reconnect with an old friend. Soon after he becomes a decimus, God calls all the angels for an announcement.Smoldering a blaze in his chest, in ways that he never wanted to stop. Something bad has stirred on Earth, and Hell and Heaven have allied themselves to protect the humans.

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Leo works in an Italian restaurant owned by Frank and Hazel (who he's in love with). Suddenly for a reason no one is aware of Souls are falling in love and making it very obvious only it's nothing more then strike of a mysterious strangers arrow that's got them all gaga. Letty's a little under the weather and doesn't like anyone looking after her when she's sick. Kenshin Himura is legendary in the current war as Battousai the man-slayer, the most feared assassin of all time.Na Lu Its been a year or two since the incident when the kids find themselves in the middle of a cross-universe situation. But will Tsuna survive working with demons trying to get in his pants every second?The introduction of another lab created kid is all thanks to Jane's seemingly immeasurable power advancement. AU, BL, Demons, All27It's summer in Storybrooke and everyone is enjoying it.Based on the fairytale 'Don Giovanni de la Fortuna' Notes and Warnings: Fairytale AU, Very minor background implied Gabranth/Basch (which means incest though :o), arranged marri Merlin and his little sister Freya have been on the run for years, but when Merlin receives a letter from their old friend Gaius, inviting him to Camelot University for his 'special talents,' Freya puts her foot down.All seems fine, but when Merlin meets Arthur Pendragon, how will their years of hiding be shoved into the light?

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