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”Psych-1x12 “Cloudy…With a Chance of Murder”Psych-1x13 “Game, Set…Muuurder? I Barely Know Her”Psych-1x15 “Scary Sherry: Bianca’s Toast”Psych-2x01 “American Duos”Psych-2x02 “65 Million Years Off”Psych-2x03 “Psy vs. ”Psych-3x04 “The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable”Psych-3x05 “Disco Didn’t Die. ”Psych-3x06 “There Might Be Blood”Psych-3x07 “Talk Derby to Me”Psych-3x08 “Gus Walks Into A Bank”Psych-3x09 “Christmas Joy”Psych-3x10 “Six Feet Under the Sea”Psych-3x11 “Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing”Psych-3x12 “Earth, Wind and…Wait for It”Psych-3x13 “Any Given Night at 10PM, 9PM Central”Psych-3x14 “Truer Lies”Psych-3x15 “Tuesday the 17th”Psych-3x16 “An Evening with Mr. ”Parks and Recreation-6x06 “Filibuster”Parks and Recreation-6x07 “Recall Vote”Parks and Recreation-6x08 “Flouride”Parks and Recreation-6x09 “The Cones of Dunshire”Pawn Stars-7x01 “Rick ‘n’ Roll”Pawn Stars-7x02 “Grumpy Old Man”Pawn Stars-7x03 “One Way Ticket”Pawn Stars-7x04 “Unprankable”Pawn Stars-7x05 “Ready to Rumble”Pawn Stars-7x06 “Dog Day Afternoon”Pawn Stars-7x07 “King of Pain”Pawn Stars-7x08 “Free Agent”Pawn Stars-7x09 “Sticks and Stones”Pawn Stars-7x10 “The Pawntridge Family”Pawn Stars-7x11 “A Hard Day’s Pawn”Pawn Stars-7x12 “Fool’s Gold”Pawn Stars-7x13 “World Series of Pawn”Pawn Stars-7x14 “Rage Against That Machine”Pawn Stars-7x15 “Cold to the Touch”Pawn Stars-7x16 “Chum-parazzi”Pawn Stars-7x17 “The Chum-Sake”Pawn Stars-7x18 “Corey’s Big Splurge”Pawn Stars-7x19 “London Pawning’Pawn Stars-7x20 “Secret Agent Man”Pawn Stars-7x21 “Goldfish and Silver”Pawn Stars-7x22 “On A Mission To Pawn”Pawn Stars-7x23 “You’re Out”Pawn Stars-7x24 “What Happens in Vegas”Pawn Stars-8x01 “Everyday I’m Shufflin’”Pawn Stars-8x02 “The Bald and the Beautiful”Pawn Stars-8x03 “Say It, Don’t Spray It”Pawn Stars-8x04 “The Enigma”Pawn Stars-8x05 “Comfortably Chum”Pawn Stars-8x06 “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service”Pawn Stars-8x07 “Brush With Greatness”Pawn Stars-8x08 “Chum of All Fears”Pawn Stars-8x09 “The Merchant of Vegas”Pawn Stars-8x10 “Winchester, Lose or Draw”Pawn Stars-8x11 “The Bachelor”Pawn Stars-8x12 “Cold Hard Cash”Pawn Stars-8x13 “Rebel, Rebel,”Pawn Stars-8x14 “Open and Shut Case”Pawn Stars-8x15 “Bad to the Bone”Pawn Stars-8x16 “Gnarly Harley”Person of Interest-2x18 “All In”Person of Interest-2x19 “Trojan Horse”Person of Interest-2x20 “In Extremis”Person of Interest-2x21 “Zero Day”Person of Interest-2x22 “God Mode”Person of Interest-3x01 “Liberty”Person of Interest-3x02 “Nothing to Hide”Person of Interest-3x03 “Lady Killer”Person of Interest-3x04 “Reasonable Doubt”Person of Interest-3x05 “Razgovor”Person of Interest-3x06 “Mors Praematura”Person of Interest-3x07 “The Perfect Mark”Person of Interest-3x08 “Endgame”Person of Interest-3x09 “The Crossing”Person of Interest-3x10 “The Devil’s Share”Psych-1x01 “Pilot”Psych-1x02 “Spellingg Bee”Psych-1x03 “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece”Psych-1x04 ”Women Seeking Dead Husband: Smokers Okay, No Pets”Psych-1x05 “9 Lives”Psych-1x06 “Weekend Warriors”Psych-1x07 “Who Ya Gonna Call? the Red Phantom”Psych-1x09 “Forget Me Not”Psych-1x10 “From the Earth to the Starbucks”Psych-1x11 “He Love Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Opps He’s Dead!Sequel to "The Tiger and the Lamb."The team are reaquainted with Walter Mashburn, as someone is intent on sabotaging his new business venture and the SCU are called in to investigate. Although this is set in S3, for the purposes of the story, I'm assuming present day legislation and technology apply. A rag tag of unrelated stories acting as episode tags, musings on various Mentalist related thoughts or outright AU crack-fic. An attempt to de-clutter my Mentalist obsessed mind. "I'm guessing black dress, fitting, but not too tight. (Jane/Lisbon; a series of canon-compliant one-shots focusing on their developing relationship in season 7.)Lisbon could barely believe she was still alive, let alone that Jane had kissed her—several times, actually—and that she'd agreed to come over to his hotel room for a bath. Especially that she'd agreed to come over to his hotel room for a bath. ”Suburgatory-2x21 “Apocalypse Meow”Suburgatory-2x22 “Stray Dogs”Suits-3x01 “The Arrangement”Suits-3x02 “I Want You to Want Me”Suits-3x03 “Unfinished Business”Super Clyde-1x01 “Pilot”Trophy Wife-1x01 “Pilot”Trophy Wife-1x02 “Cold File”Trophy WIfe-1x03 “The Social Network”Trophy Wife-1x04 “The Breakup”Trophy Wife-1x05 “The Tryst”Trophy Wife-1x06 “Halloween”Trophy Wife-1x07 “The Date”Trophy Wife-1x08 “Lice and Beary White”Trophy Wife-1x09 “Russ Bradley Morrison”Trophy Wife-1x10 “Twas the Night Before Christmas…Or Twas It?

Sequel to Second Hand, which was a sequel to In the Cards, but don't worry if you haven't read those."Firsts" tend to be the milestones that are sought after and focused on (the first date, the first kiss, the first declaration of love) but in some cases, the second time around can mean just as much, or more. Mostly lighthearted but there is some angst later on, but some humour too. D.-1x07 “The Hub”Masters of Sex-1x01 “Pilot”Masters of Sex-1x02 “Race to Space”Masters of Sex-1x03 “Standard Deviation”Masters of Sex-1x04 “Thank You For Coming”Masters of Sex-1x05 “Catherine”Masters of Sex-1x06 “Brave New World”Masters of Sex-1x07 “All Together Now”Masters of Sex-1x08 “Love and Marrage”Masters of Sex-1x09 “Involuntary”Masters of Sex-1x10 “Fallout”Masters of Sex-1x11 “Phallic Victories”The Mentalist-1x10 “Red Brick and Ivy”The Mentalist-1x11 “Red John’s Friends”The Mentalist-1x12 “Red Rum”The Mentalist-1x13 “Paint it Red”The Mentalist-1x14 “Crimson Casanova”The Mentalist-1x15 “Scarlett Fever”The Mentalist-1x16 “Bloodshot”The Mentalist-1x17 “Carnelian, Inc.”The Mentalist-1x18 “Russet Potatoes”The Mentalist-1x19 “A Dozen Red Roses”The Mentalist-1x20 “Red Sauce”The Mentalist-1x21 “Miss Red”The Mentalist-1x22 “Blood Brothers”The Mentalist-1x23 “Red John’s Footsteps”The Mentalist-2x01 “Redemption”The Mentalist-2x02 “The Scarlet Letter”The Mentalist-2x03 “Red Badge”The Mentalist-2x04 “Red Menace”The Mentalist-2x05 “Red Scare”The Mentalist-2x06 “Black Gold and Red Blood”The Mentalist-2x07 “Red Bulls”The Mentalist-2x08 “His Red Right Hand”The Mentalist-2x09 “A Price Above Rubies”The Mentalist-2x10 “Throwing Fire”The Mentalist-2x11 “Rose-Colored Glasses”The Mentalist-2x12 “Bleeding Heart”The Mentalist-2x13 “Redline”The Mentalist-2x14 “Blood In, Blood Out”The Mentalist-2x15 “Red Herring”The Mentalist-2x16 “Code Red”The Mentalist-2x17 “The Red Box”The Mentalist-2x18 “Aingavite Baa”The Mentalist-2x19 “Blood Money”The Mentalist-2x20 “Red All Over”The Mentalist-2x21 “18 5-4”The Mentalist-2x22 “Red Letter”The Mentalist-2x23 “Red Sky in the Morning”The Mentalist-3x01 “Red Sky at Night”The Mentalist-3x02 “Cackle-Bladder Blood”The Mentalist-3x03 “The Blood on His Hands”The Mentalist-3x04 “Red Carpet Treatment”The Mentalist-3x05 “The Red Ponies”The Mentalist-3x06 “Pink Chanel Suit”The Mentalist-3x07 “Red Hot”The Mentalist-3x08 “Ball of Fire”The Mentalist-3x09 “Red Moon”The Mentalist-3x10 “Jolly Red Elf”The Mentalist-3x11 “Bloodsport”The Mentalist-3x12 “Bloodhounds”The Mentalist-3x13 “Red Alert”The Mentalist-3x14 “Blood for Blood”The Mentalist-3x15 “Red Gold”The Mentalist-3x16 “Red Queen”The Mentalist-3x17 “Bloodstream”The Mentalist-3x18 “The Red Mile” The Mentalist-3x19 “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” The Mentalist-3x20 “Redacted”The Mentalist-3x21 “Like a Redheaded Stepchild”The Mentalist-3x22 “Rhapsody in Red”The Mentalist-3x23 “Strawberries and Cream (Part 1)”The Mentalist-3x24 “Strawberries and Cream (Part 2)”The Mentalist-4x01 “Scarlet Ribbons”The Mentalist-4x02 “Little Red Book”The Mentalist-4x03 “Pretty Red Balloon”The Mentalist-4x04 “Ring Around the Rosie”The Mentalist-4x05 “Blood and Sand”The Mentalist-4x06 “Where in the World is Carmine O’Brein”The Mentalist-4x07 “Blinking Red Light”The Mentalist-4x08 “Pink Tops”The Mentalist-4x09 “The Redshirt”The Mentalist-4x10 “Fugue In Red”The Mentalist-4x11 “Always Bet On Red”The Mentalist-4x12 “My Bloody Valentine”The Mentalist-4x13 “Red is the New Black”The Mentalist-4x14 “At First Blush”The Mentalist-4x15 War of the Roses”The Mentalist-4x16 “His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts”The Mentalist-4x17 “Cheap Burgundy”The Mentalist-4x18 “Ruddy Cheeks”The Mentalist-4x19 “Pink Champagne on Ice”The Mentalist-4x20 “Something is Rotten in Redmund”The Mentalist-4x21 “Ruby Slippers”The Mentalist-4x22 “So Long, and Thanks for All the Red Snapper”The Mentalist-4x23 “Red Rover, Red Rover”The Mentalist-4x24 “The Crimson Hat”The Mentalist-5x01 “The Crimson Ticket”The Mentalist-5x02 “Devil’s Cherry”The Mentalist-5x03 “Not One Red Cent”The Mentalist-5x04 “Blood Feud”The Mentalist-5x05 “Red Dawn”The Mentalist-5x06 “Cherry Picked”The Mentalist-5x07 “If It Bleeds, It Leads” The Mentalist-5x08 “Red Sails in the Sunset”The Mentalist-5x09 “Black Cherry”The Mentalist-5x10 “Panama Red”The Mentalist-5x11 “Days of Wine & Roses”The Mentalist-5x12 “Little Red Corvette”The Mentalist-5x13 “The Red Barn”The Mentalist-5x14 “Red in Tooth and Claw”The Mentalist-5x15 “Red Lacquer Nail Polish”The Mentalist-5x16 “There Will Be Blood”The Mentalist-5x17 “Red, White and Blue”The Mentalist-5x18 “Behind the Red Curtain”The Mentalist-5x19 “Red Letter Day”The Mentalist-5x20 “Red Velvet Cupcakes”The Mentalist-5x21 “Red and Itchy”The Mentalist-5x22 “Red John’s Rules”The Mentalist-6x01 “The Desert Rose”The Mentalist-6x02 “The Black-Winged Red Bird”The Mentalist-6x03 “Wedding in Red”“The Mentalist-6x04 “Red Listed”The Mentalist-6x05 “The Red Tattoo”The Mentalist-6x06 “Fire and Brimstone”The Mentalist-6x07 “The Great Red Dragon”The Mentalist-6x08 ” Red John”The Mentalist-6x09 “My Blue Heaven”The Mentalist-6x10 “Green Thumb”The Michael J Fox Show-1x01 “Pilot”The Michael J Fox Show-1x02 “Neighbor”The Michael J Fox Show-1x03 “Art”The Michael J Fox Show-1x04 “Hobbies”The Michael J Fox Show-1x05 “Interns”The Michael J Fox Show-1x06 “Teammates”The Michael J Fox Show-1x07 “Golf”The Michael J Fox Show-1x08 “Bed Bugs”The Michael J Fox Show-1x09 “Homecoming”The Michael J Fox Show-1x10 “Thanksgiving”Million Dollar Listing LA-1x01Million Dollar Listing LA-1x02Million Dollar Listing LA-1x03Million Dollar Listing LA-6x01 “Unfinished Business”The Mindy Project-1x21 “Sante Fe”The Mindy Project-1x22 “Triathlon”The Mindy Project-1x23 “Frat Party”The Mindy Project-1x24 “Take Me With You”The Mindy Project-2x01 “All My Problems Solved Forever…”The Mindy Project-2x02 “The Other Dr. After more than twenty years away from writing anything creative I found the wonderful world of fanfiction at the end of Season 6 of The Mentalist. Jane has just returned from South America when he and Lisbon are sent undercover to investigate a serial killer who is murdering honeymooners in Niagara Falls. ”The Golden Girls-2x21 “Dorothy’s Prized Pupil”The Golden Girls-2x22 “Diamond in the Rough”The Golden Girls-2x23 “Son In Law Dearest”The Golden Girls-2x24 “To Catch a Neighbor”The Golden Girls-2x25 “A Piece of Cake”The Golden Girls-2x26 “Empty Nest”The Golden Girls-3x01 “Old Friends”The Golden Girls-3x02 “One For the Money”The Golden Girls-3x03 “Bringing Up Baby”The Golden Girls-3x04 “The Housekeeper”The Golden Girls-3x05 “Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself”The Golden Girls-3x06 “Letter to Gorbachev”The Golden Girls-3x07 “Strange Bedfellows”The Golden Girls-3x08 “Brotherly Love”The Golden Girls-3x09 “A Visit From Little Sven”The Golden Girls-3x10 “The Audit”The Golden Girls-3x11 “Three on a Couch”The Golden Girls-3x12 “Charlie’s Buddy”The Golden Girls-3x13 “The Artist”The Golden Girls-3x14 “Blanche’s Little Girl”The Golden Girls-3x15 “Dorothy’s New Friend”The Golden Girls-3x16 “Grab That Dough”The Golden Girls-3x17 “My Brother, My Father”The Golden Girls-3x18/19 “Golden Moments”The Golden Girls-3x20 “And Ma Makes Three”The Golden Girls-3x21 “Larceny and Old Lace”The Golden Girls-3x22 “Rose’s Big Adventure”The Golden Girls-3x23 “Mixed Blessings”The Golden Girls-4x01 “Yes, We Have No Havanas”The Golden Girls-4x02 “The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo”The Golden Girls-4x03 “The One That Got Away”The Golden Girls-4x04 “Yokel Hero”The Golden Girls-4x05 “Bang the Drum, Stanley”The Golden Girls-4x06 “Sophia’s Wedding (1) The Golden Girls-4x07 “Sophia’s Wedding (2)The Golden Girls-4x08 “Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket? Way.”Back in the Game-1x06 “Night Games”Back in the Game-1x07 “Safety Squeeze”Back in the Game-1x08 “No Crying in Baseball”Back in the Game-1x09 “Massive Election”Back in the Game-1x10 “I’ll Slide Home for Christmas”Big Brother-15x01Big Brother-15x02Big Brother-15x03Big Brother-15x04Big Brother-15x05Big Brother-15x06Big Brother-15x07Big Brother-15x08Big Brother-15x09Big Brother-15x10Big Brother-15x11Big Brother-15x12Big Brother-15x13Big Brother-15x14Big Brother-15x15Big Brother-15x16Big Brother-15x17Big Brother-15x18Big Brother-15x19Big Brother-15x20Big Brother-15x21Big Brother-15x22Big Brother-15x23Big Brother-15x24Big Brother-15x25Big Brother-15x26Big Brother-15x27Big Brother-15x28Big Love-1x01 “Pilot”Big Love-1x02 “Viagra Blue”Big Love-1x03 “Home Invasion”Big Love-1x04 “Eclipse”Big Love-1x05 “Affair”Big Love-1x06 “Roberta’s Funeral”Big Love-1x07 “Eviction”Big Love-1x08 “Easter”Big Love-1x09 “A Barbecue for Betty”Big Love-1x10 “The Baptism”Big Love-1x11 “Where There’s a Will”Big Love-1x12 “The Ceremony”Big Love-2x01 “Damage Control”Big Love-2x02 “The Writing on the Wall”Big Love-2x03 “Reunion”Big Love-2x04 “Rock and a Hard Place”Big Love-2x05 “Vision Thing”The Blacklist-1x01 “Pilot”The Blacklist-1x02 “No. ”The Golden Girls-1x03 “Rose the Prude”The Golden Girls-1x04 “Transplant”The Golden Girls-1x05 “The Triangle;”The Golden Girls-1x06On Golden Girls”The Golden Girls-1x07 “The Competition”The Golden Girls-1x08 “Break In”The Golden Girls-1x09 “Blanche and the Younger Man”The Golden Girls-1x10 “Heart Attack”The Golden Girls-1x11 “Stan’s Return”The Golden Girls-1x12 “The Custody Battle”The Golden Girls-1x13 “A Little Romance”The Golden Girls-1x14 “That Was No Lady”The Golden Girls-1x15 “In A Bed of Roses”The Golden Girls-1x16 “The Truth Will Out”The Golden Girls-1x17 “Nice and Easy”The Golden Girls-1x18 “The Operation”The Golden Girls-1x19 “Second Motherhood”The Golden Girls-1x20 “Adult Education”The Golden Girls-1x21 “Flu Attack”The Golden Girls-1x22 “Job Hunting”The Golden Girls-1x23 “Blind Ambitions”The Golden Girls-1x24 “Big Daddy”The Golden Girls-1x25 “The Way We Met”The Golden Girls-2x01 “End of the Curse”The Golden Girls-2x02 “Ladies of the Evening”The Golden Girls-2x03 “Take Him, He’s Mine”The Golden Girls-2x04 “It’s a Miserable Life”The Golden Girls-2x05 “Isn’t It Romantic”The Golden Girls-2x06 “Bag Daddy’s Little Lady”The Golden Girls-2x07 “Family Affair”The Golden Girls-2x08 “Vacation”The Golden Girls-2x09 “Joust Between Friends”The Golden Girls-2x10 “Love, Rose”The Golden Girls-2x11 “Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas”The Golden Girls-2x12 “The Sisters”The Golden Girls-2x13 “The Stan Who Came to Dinner”The Golden Girls-2x14 “The Actor”The Golden Girls-2x15 “Before and After”The Golden Girls-2x16 “And Then There Was One”The Golden Girls-2x17 “Bedtime Story”The Golden Girls-2x18 “Forgive Me Father”The Golden Girls-2x19 “Long Day’s Journey Into Marinara”The Golden Girls-2x20 “Whose Face is This, Anyway?

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